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Jam theme LOOP - making the gesture with my hands reminded me of the game THIMBLERIG.

So let's get thimblerigged - XR - multiplayer PvP - voice chat!

first steps:
- connect to server
- choose avatar
- join room

At first, the ball is positioned inside the middle thimble.
It is visible until you hover your hand through the blue sphere to hide it.
After that, it will only be visible if you put your hand inside the sphere.
Shuffle the 3 thimblerigs and let your fellow player guess...

tested on Oculus RiftS and Quest
left/right trigger = select/grab
left thumbstick = walk
right thumbstick = rotate 45°
A and X buttons : teleport (aim and pull trigger button)


Thimblerig_V1.apk 42 MB
Thimblerig_V1.zip 38 MB

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